Gig Harbor Arts Center & Why

3 Strong Reasons for a Regional Arts Center in Gig Harbor

A Multi-Useful Venue in a Great Location with attractive flexible rooms.

Large Spaces (150-1200 seats) for large entertainment events and performances, important community meetings, Large Conferences, Galas, & Fundraisers.

Medium Spaces (50-150 seats) for Weddings, Reunions, Receptions, Memorials, Service clubs and Group meetings, rehearsals, exhibits, and Lectures.

Smaller Spaces (10-50 seats) for smaller business and organization meetings, special interest groups, workshops, & trainings.

Support for Business and Tourism in our Region.

The beautiful large Conference Center, available on week days, would provide a strong positive resource and identity for our region. Weekends and evenings, it would attract a host of tourists to visit and enjoy the local and visiting entertainment and events-increasing use of local hotels and B&Bs, restaurants and shops. Availability of in-town events (with no tolls or exorbitant parking fees) would encourage residents to stay in town- supporting retail, restaurant and services spending. The Arts Center would increase our Creative Vitality Index rating- commonly used to locate the best small businesses, who in turn create more and better paying jobs in our community.

A Wide Spectrum of Fun Stuff to Do–All Ages!

“There’s nothing to do” is a major complaint in all age groups—from younger kids to seniors. How about entertainment by local groups as well as attracting outside entertainment? What if you had access to Cultural and Educational events and classes as well—for all ages? What if you had a “GoTo” place to easily find these events? If we did, it would not only create a wealth of enrichment in our lives, but also support our schools, home schoolers, provide after school activities, additional courses in arts, humanities, and advanced media studies. Until now, the major obstacle for all these things has been: “There is NO PLACE to do it here”! Let’s create that place… let’s work together to BUILD the Gig Harbor Regional Arts Center!